Here is what a theater company in the French Alps prepared for the kids. Youngest kids might not realize how old style it is, but it is. Yet it was devised with fine mechanical ingeniosity. The music machine works with pierced paper music like a regular barrel organ, but it is improved. It has several instruments embedded. The merry-go-round uses the energy from grown-ups milking the cow on the right-hand side. Overall it might look grey (metal) and brown (wood and leather) but it is a completely green show.

Now do kids still need tons of plastic toys?

Les enfants, en voiture, le manège démarre !



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  • Edith
  • I like this article so much! Well done dearie. What a nice street report, you should write more. Finally knowing what a "merry-go-round" is about, I've heard it from children's songs at times.
    I miss that beautiful town- Evian, will go back there soon!